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Halla-Newcastle PBL Education and Research Center, Research Funding Call for Proposals
1. Application

• Research period

  • - the date of notification ~ January 29th 2021
  • - the deadline of submitting the reports of research results : January 29th 2021, submit final papers to JPBL editorial committee by February 26th 2021.
  • - The delay of submission of the final paper can be applied in writing only once.

• Required documents

  • - the application form 1
  • - the research proposal 1

Any application that does not meet these minimum requirements will be deemed ineligible.

• Deadline : April 30th 2020 (Applications must be received by the deadline via email iimj@chu.ac.kr. Halla·Newcastle Education and Research Center has no obligation to consider applications received after the specified submission period.)

• For any question related to application, please contact Halla·Newcastle Education and Research Center. ☎ +82 64 741-7430 email:iimj@chu.ac.kr

• Please ensure you have :

  • - Completed all mandatory fields on the application form.
  • - Clearly demonstrated how your proposal meets the objectives of this Funding.
  • - Made adequate provision for all likely expenses.
  • - As the Halla·Newcastle PBL Education and Research Center Board's decision will be based on the information provided, applicants should ensure all information provided is accurate, clear and comprehensive.
  • - The primary findings of research should be published on JPBL. However, publishing date is subject to the journal reviewers' recommendation.

2. Funding

• Total 10,000.000 Korean Won : each research project funds a maximum of 2,000,000 Korean Won, 5 Funding schedules

• The standard for payment is Korean Won, and the dollar payment may vary depending on exchange rate fluctuation

3. Basic direction to fund

• The scope of articles

  • - Research on advanced and innovative teaching and learning strategies including PBL, S-PBL, Simulation, Project (or Case)-based learning, Team teaching, Online learning, Learning with IT, Strategies for effective group works, and etc.
  • - Research on the application and effectiveness of advanced and innovative teaching and learning methods
  • - Other literature review articles related with teaching and learning methods

• The fairness and objectivity of article review

  • - The review maintains fairness and objectivity considering the benefits, reliability, objectivity, validity, and originality of the paper

• The establishment of post management system for the research results

  • - The results of the study are based on the principle that it is published in JPBL. However, according to the results of the JPBL editorial committee, it can be withheld or postponed.

4. Fund outline

• Eligibility

  • - Academic professors and organizations of any country

• Exclusion of application and fund

  • - Grants will not be provided to individuals or organizations that have failed to provide a proper acquittal of an earlier grant provided by other institutions and/ or National Research Foundation of Korea.
  • - A person who is deemed impossible to conduct research within a determined time.
  • - Research conducted without permission from an Institutional Review Board (IRB) for research ethics will be excluded. If Ethics approval is unnecessary for the type of study, please submit a letter of exception received from the relevant IRB.
[2020 JPBL Research funding application]
File12020 JPBL Research funding application.docx


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